The Graft EO.12

This bike is for free spirits. With a power output of up to 20KW - 200% more than electric motorcycles of similar weight - it delivers 100% fun while weighing in at a easy to handle 50kg / 110 punds*. 

The world's only off-road bike to feature carbon fiber wheels is built with aircraft grade, CNC-machined aluminum along with 3D printed titanium components to ensure trail grade strength.  

Our premium suspension and full motorcycle tires offer smoother rides and greater traction across all terrain. 

*Projected figure.


Tech Specs

Ultra Lightweight
*Projected Figure
Power Peak
440N M
Back Wheel Torque
Water resistance 1 meter deep for 30 minutes

CNC Machined Frame

No distortion from welding.

Increased consistency, accuracy and stiffness.

21 inch Motorcycle Tires

Opitmized for weight, traction, and durability.

Touch Screen Display

Speedometer, Power, Torque, Battery %.

Topology Optimisation

Mathematically optimized component design.

Carbon Fiber Wheels

World exclusive.

25% lighter than ordinary aluminum wheel.

Premium Suspensions

 3 way adjustable suspension with hydraulic bump stop.

Titanium Components

3D printed TiAl6V4 Titanium  drivetrain components.

Zero Maintenance

No need to change oil, spark plug, or air filter. Even the
drive-chain is permanently lubricated.