The Graft Monolith Battery System

All Graft vehicles are powered by our  swappable Monolith Batteries. This battery system allows you to swap and/or move batteries among all your Graft vehicles. Future Graft Vehicles will continue to utilize the Monolith Battery System to protect your investment.

Batteries are securely mounted with 4 quick release fasteners to ensure a longterm secure mount while allowing the user to swap the battery in less than two minutes. The Graft Monolith design architecture ensure that all components within the battery system are bonded into a single monolithic structure for maximum durability.

We utilize the highest quality battery cells and materials to ensure the safety and long term durability of our battery systems. In addition to using high quality cells our Battery Management System monitors and protect the battery cells by monitoring the cell voltage, temperature and current. During battery charging, our BMS communicates with our Chargers for maximum safety.

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Monolith 1.1E Endurance

The Graft Monolith 1.1E Endurance is our longest range battery with a nominal capasity of 2.7 Kwh for all day rides. Fully compatible with all Graft Vehicles.

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Monolith 1.1R Race

The Graft Monolith 1.1R Race is our lightweight battery with a nominal capasity of 1.3 Kwh. Fully compatible with all Graft Vehicles.

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