Rider built

The entire Graft range is handcrafted by a small team of engineers and riders who pour their attention to detail and passion for driving into each and every build.

Graft is the culmination of years of tinkering and creative exploration by American-born engineer and power sports enthusiast, Azizi Tucker and his team of hand-picked specialist.

The thread with which the Graft spirit is woven reaches back at least as far as when Azizi - aged 13 - was awarded a scholarship from a young entrepreneurs competition at a local community college and used his winnings to purchase 3D design software and a metal-cutting machine, which he promptly used to build his first bicycles. Since then, his technical knowledge and workshop have improved significantly, but his design spark hasn’t changed much.




Designing and building fun-driving, well-made electric vehicles involves many series of long processes of trial and error, requiring deep reserves of passion, perseverance, and, perhaps most of all, patience. The passion has always pushed Azizi, motivating him first to build vehicles for himself - and to drive them with abandon - and now to build them for others. The trials and travails of building electric cars - initially as one of the first 100 employees at Tesla, and later as CTO of Xing Mobility - were rough schoolings in perseverance. Patience Azizi learned by staring at the sun (kind of), while working on NASA’s solar dynamic observatory (SDO) satellite.

So many literal and figurative long and winding roads - and race tracks and cow paths and sand dunes - have led to this. Graft was created at the crossroads of a lifetime of meticulous craftsmanship and a persistent desire to share the spontaneous freedom and simple joy of just getting out and going for a ride. 

Let’s go!