The ATV 


  The only electric Lightweight Sport ATV in the world gets you off-road and on trails with ease.  

Work, play, wash, rinse, repeat. Featuring four independent direct-drive motors for improved handling and cornering, The QD.41 offers an unmatched blend of agility, power and reliability.

Tipping the scales at just 110kg / 240 pounds - comparable off-road ATVs commonly weigh 250+ kg / 550 punds - our ultra lightweight design does away with more than a dozen components that commonly cause breakdowns and is safer in case of a rollover.

Carry, tug or tow and get to wherever you need to go.

Tech Specs

Ultra Lightweight
Power Peak
440N M
Back Wheel Torque
Water resistance 1 meter deep for 30 minutes

Chromoly Tube Frame

4130 TIG welded Spaceframe chassis.

Powder coated chassis.

Lightweight High Grip Tires

Traction stability and reliability.

Touch Screen Display

Speedometer, Power, Torque, Battery %.


Optimal for search and rescue.

4 Independent motor

4 wheel drive with electronics differentials.

Quad redundant power.

Premium Suspension

Full adjustability of the suspension.
CNC Machined control arms and hubs.

Dual Battery

Extented range in all weather conditions..

Zero Maintenance

No shafts, gears. Just 4 moving parts.