The Graft Battery Swap System

All Graft vehicles are powered by our swappable Monolith Batteries. This battery system allows you to swap and/or move batteries among all your Graft vehicles. Future Graft Vehicles will continue to utilize the Monolith Battery System to protect your investment.

Batteries are securely mounted with 4 quick-release fastners to ensure a long-term secure mouning while allowing the user to swap the battery in less than two minutes. Aircraft certified, anti-vibration fasteners secure the battery to our vehicle while allowing very fast battery changes. Each Graft Battery includes a calibrated mini torque driver to ensure the swap fastners are torqued to spec.

The Graft Swap system along with all Graft vehicles is designed for long-term durability. Our battery swap system is rated for over 5000 battery swaps, the highest in the industry. The Swap system features Titanium alignment pins along with ultra hard wearing PEEK bushings to allow the user to easily guide the battery in place.

While battery technology continues to advance rapidly, the Graft Battery Swap system protects your investment. Customers can always upgrade their vehicles to the newest battery technology and can continue to use their current batteries in Graft's newest vehicles. 


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