We are the only family of off-road electric vehicles to offer the flexibility and convenience of swappable batteries across an entire family of vehicles

Welcome to the Graft Family

The entire Graft range is handcrafted by a small team of engineers and riders who pour their attention to detail and passion for driving into each and every build.

The Motorcycle


A ultralight weight enduro off-road motorcycle and low-maintenance whip that rips trails and kicks up dirt - just keep the batteries charged and the tires inflated.

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The only electric sports ATV in the world gets you off-road and on trails with ease. Lightweight for ease of handling and unmatched blend of agility, power and reliability.

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Featuring four independent direct-drive motors for improved handling, this versatile buggy is equally well suited for family rambles and closed-circuit racing. 

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Swappable Batteries

Fully-interchangeable batteries across the range of vehicles for fast, easy swapping.

Market-Leading Components

Comfort, quality, reliability.
We don’t skimp where it counts. 

Ready to Ride

Build by hand and ready to rip. Hit the dirt on Day 1 - no mods needed.

Safe and Dependable

Tell what's the value for the 
customer for this feature.

Ultra Lightweight

30-50% lighter than gas vehicles, for easier loading and safer riding.


Smooth and silent, won’t draw unwanted attention from engine noise.

Power Plays

From Comfort Zone
to Cover’s Blown

With three power modes, you can grow from beginner to track rat as you get more comfortable.

Different power settings also help you adjust to changing conditions, from snow and ice to gravel and mud.

Mode 1

Easy riding

Long Range

Steady power usage to go the distance

Slippery Conditions

Low power for better traction

Conserves Power

Best battery life

Mode 2

Having Fun

Most Versatile

Plenty of punch for kicking up dust

The Standard

Suggested power mode for most conditions

Strikes a Balance

 Hours of fun

Mode 3

Taking Chances

Opened Up

Hold on tight, you'll have stories to tell

Track Ready

Predictable conditions recommended

Flat Out

Short and sweet power play

Our Craft

Our focus is squarely on quality craftsmanship, and we take the time necessary to build world-class machines from the ground up.

Our Story